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Why Choose Okamoto® ??

Okamoto Industries has been pursuing and innovating nearly 80 years for the ultimate challenge to produce the THINNEST, SOFTEST and SAFEST product for the world's population.

Okamoto has been pushing the boundary of the world's most advanced technology in the belief that the essential factors for the "FEEL" are thinnest and softness. Additional, safety is also an essential criterion.



World's Thinnest Condom

Okamoto manufactures the world's thinnest latex condoms conforming to quality standards ISO 4074:2002

The BEST unique benefit of an Okamoto condom is even thickness. What does this mean?

Okamoto condoms has the same thickness (or in this case thinness) throughout the length of the condom especially the closed end, where sensitivity is optimised.

Unlike ordinary condoms, whereby their thinnest is reflected only in a small section of the condom, normally at the open end.


If you dare...

  1. Blow air into a condom and see it stretch.
  2. The Bigger and less effort, the thinner and softer is the condom.
  3. Observe the tip (closed end) Is there still a lot of space?

This means the top end is thick and more air is needed to stretch the latex.



The criteria needed for a "Closer Fit" and comfort.

Okamoto condoms have proven to be softer, compared to ordinary condoms.

Seeing of believing, check the softest of a condom by swelling a condom with air yourself.



High Quality Assurance

All Okamoto condoms are manufactured according to quality ISO 14074:2002 Standards.

Okamoto plants are also awarded:

  • Management System Certification
    1. DIN EN ISO 9001
    2. EN ISO 13485
    3. ISO 14001

  • Medical Device Certification
    1. Ministry of Health, labor and welfare, Japan
    2. 510K USFDA
    3. CCC (China Compulsory Product Certification)
    4. CE Mark (according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Annex II - EU)
    5. NF Mark (Medical Device - France)
    6. GMP Certificate
    7. CAN/CSA ISO 13485 for Canada


Each Okamoto condom comes in a hermitically sealed poly foil pouch representing a tamper-evident assurance of product quality.

Each Okamoto condom is individually tested twice with precise electrostatic technology to maximise dependability.

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