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How It Is Made

Our pride and joy.

This is how it all started...
The production process:

Collect Latex

The main ingredient of latex condoms is, of course latex. Latex is extracted from a rubber tree. It is a creamy liquid at this stage. Okamoto inspects all of the incoming latex under Okamoto's strictest standards in the industry. All raw materials are inspected under strict quality guidelines. Only the best components pass inspection for our use.


More than 10 different raw materials including latex are mixed in this climate-controlled tank. The compound made in this tank is tested for many different requirements.

Okamoto's exclusive compound, with our exclusive production process - named Sheerlon, make it possible to make the thin, soft, and strong condom recognized as the best quality condom in the world!

Dipping - Vulcanizing

The compounds that passed the strict inspections are poured into the dipping tank. Spinning glass moulds mounted on conveyer belts are dipped into the compound. A very thin layer of compound is formed on each mould.

This dipping machine is fully controlled by a computer to keep the precise temperature of the compound, as well as correct temperature and humidity inside the machine, speed of the conveyer belt, and many more checkpoints.

After this stage each condom is slipped off of the mould and then "vulcanized." Vulcanization is to give the condom more strength by applying a certain amount of heat for a certain amount of time.


Every condom wil go through electronic pin-hole testing. Yes, Okamoto is doing 100% testing. If a condom has a hole it will be automatically rejected. Only "hole free" condoms can go to the next stage.

Condoms that passed the electrical pin-hole testing will then go through another FIVE or more sampling tests, including water leakage test, tensile test, bursting test, etc. These tests will confirm that Okamoto condoms far exceed the FDA's quality requirements.


Each condom is automatically foiled while lubricant is added. These lubricants and packaging materials are also tested under Okamoto's strict standards.


Foiled condoms are then packaged into boxes. Okamoto will run another sampling test after packaging. We won't ship out any product until we confirm that the products are of the utmost quality!

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