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About Us

Okamoto Industries Inc. is a world leader in the production of high quality and super dependable latex-rubber condoms since 1934.

With more than 60% market share in Japan, we also hold a strong share of the international market.

As a result of our state-of-the-art manufacturing and advanced sensor-equipped inspection machinery, we have become the recognised leader in the industry. All Okamoto condoms undergo an electrical pinhole test. The accuracy of this procedure is routinely double-checked. Our continuing technological advancements ensure superior moldability and freedom from defects.

Okamoto products are lighter, stronger and offer supreme sensitivity for a more sensuous natural experience.

Okamoto Historical Milestones

Okamoto latex factory is established, starting to manufacture latex condoms. Okamoto himself keeps on researching ways to produce latex condoms which are more durable.
Started manufacturing by automated machine.
Okamoto successfully manufactures the world's thinnest latex condom by breaking through the industry's limit of 0.05mm. This establishes his name in the latex industry and is the foundation for his reputation.
Okamoto launches the world's thinnest condom 0.03 series.
Okamoto launches the 0.02 Hydro Polyurethane series.
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